Catbrain Film Factory – New Website

The independent film production company that I work with in Phoenix has a new website. Catbrain Film Factory was created by Paul Hoeprich in 2005, and I have been working with them since 2007. From writing to cinematography to sheer audacity, Catbrain is a truly exceptional and unique film company.


Team U

This was once of those instances where you overextend yourself, and yet it pays off. I was in two 48-hour films for the Almost Famous Film Festival (A3F), and they both came up big. One was a beautifully shot sci-fi noir called ‘The Fourth Reich’, and then there was this gem called ‘Team U’.


Strong Brain – The Second Chapter

This was a great follow-up to our kitchy first Strong Brain film, which won best film at the 2008 48-Hour Film Project. In this film, I played Simon Craig, the alcohol-abusing psychic detective, AND his brother Chet, a twisted doppelganger with the same abilities.



Catbrain Film Factory’s first action film was a cop drama called ‘White’, which featured the character Det. Chet Foley, a formerly good officer who had fallen prey to his own cocaine habit. The production involved some terrific dolly shots and lighting, and helped me garner a Best Actor award.


Oy Vey

On a whim, I answered a Craigslist ad for an actor to help with a short film. I showed up at some guy’s house and convinced him I could play Moses as a leader of a strike force of prophets, with a Jackie Mason accent. And so it began.