I did a fun little feature called ‘Repossessed’, which was actually the third act of an overarching feature entitled ‘Voices From The Grave’. Very cool since I had never done a thriller before. My character is a desperate bereaved older brother who turns to the occult in order to bring back his deceased sibling.


Catbrain Film Factory – New Website

The independent film production company that I work with in Phoenix has a new website. Catbrain Film Factory was created by Paul Hoeprich in 2005, and I have been working with them since 2007. From writing to cinematography to sheer audacity, Catbrain is a truly exceptional and unique film company.


Interview with Synthetic Human

I was invited by the talented folks at Synthetic Human Pictures to do an online interview for their news section, which features local Phoenix talent. The Synthetics do some superb cutting edge, story-driven shorts and features.


Volkswagen Spots

These three Volkswagen spots were filmed in Mesa, AZ – but were for VW Canada. You see, there is nowhere on the eastern 2/3 of the continent where they can reliably film a commercial with spring ambience in March, so they cart the entire production out to Arizona. Works for me.


Team U

This was once of those instances where you overextend yourself, and yet it pays off. I was in two 48-hour films for the Almost Famous Film Festival (A3F), and they both came up big. One was a beautifully shot sci-fi noir called ‘The Fourth Reich’, and then there was this gem called ‘Team U’.


Strong Brain – The Second Chapter

This was a great follow-up to our kitchy first Strong Brain film, which won best film at the 2008 48-Hour Film Project. In this film, I played Simon Craig, the alcohol-abusing psychic detective, AND his brother Chet, a twisted doppelganger with the same abilities.



Catbrain Film Factory’s first action film was a cop drama called ‘White’, which featured the character Det. Chet Foley, a formerly good officer who had fallen prey to his own cocaine habit. The production involved some terrific dolly shots and lighting, and helped me garner a Best Actor award.


Comedy of Errors

OK, so I’m really scraping the barrel for news. On July 8, 2009 I signed on to portray ‘Angelo’ the gold merchant for Southwest Shakespeare’s production of ‘Comedy of Errors’ at the Mesa Arts Center. It was my third production with that company, and definitely the one where I got the most grief.



This was a nifty little spec commercial for a contest for Although it didn’t win, I think it deserves to be aired. So here I air it.


Out There! Detectives of the Unknown

In this TV pilot by the Kennedy Bros., I play Craig Lott, the bureau chief of a paranormal investigation unit. Craig is a hardnosed veteran with a bad pudding cup habit. I never did see the footage, but they tell me it was a laugh riot.